Identical Twins & Covid

A story of surviving

By Nichola Luther

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When you’re faced with the unfaceable; when situations out of your control leave you stuck in your worst nightmare; when the unimaginable happens – what do you do?

You survive because you have to. You fight, because they need you to.

This is one family’s journey through fetal medicine and neonatal, overcoming illness, separation, and obstacles beyond belief – and coming out fighting.

Nichola and Pete’s twins were diagnosed with TAPS (Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence) at 25 weeks. Without fetal laser surgery, both babies would have been lost, and there was still an unknown chance of survival. 

Throw in a world pandemic, living on an island, helicopters and heart-breaking separation… because this is a story filled with real-life drama. But ultimately, this is a story of hope, survival, and how (even faced with your worst imagined fears,) you can still come out fighting.

“We want to be that story of hope to any parent who may have to go through something similar.”

TAPS and Identical Twins- raising awareness, sharing hope. 


“A heart felt account of the trials and tribulations of twin pregnancy and birth with the added fear of a little-known life-threatening condition, TAPS, and all of this happening during a world pandemic, you couldn’t have made it up. A very moving and interesting read about pushing through, surviving and thriving.”


“An emotive, inspirational story of survival in horrendous circumstances. Everyone should read this to get an insight into what a mother goes through when her babies are diagnosed with a rare disease.”


“A moving account of a family’s journey through the diagnosis of a rare, little know about medical condition. A compelling read, filled with hope and love. Nichola has written this book from a mother’s perspective and it offers an informative, yet touching account of her family’s experience of infant illness during a global pandemic. Hopeful that this book will offer much needed support and raise awareness of TAPS.”

“Through this book we are holding your hands and opening our arms to you.”